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Director’s Words and Company’s Values
Nema Choob relies on more than half a century of experience and co-existence with wood. It is of growing, dynamic and reviving nature like trees and its industrial life has invariably been striving to construct.
We commenced in 1340 ( 1961 ) with simple Wooden products, while gaining daily experience , continued to obtain required technology and experience, and stole the thunder of the rivals, so that in 1360 ( 1981 ) we became the first library and office equipment producer in the west of our country, Iran. Todey, across the nation, from Abadan and Kordestan to Urmiah, Tabriz and Yazd, our artistic and industrial products decorate every library. We are proud of this fact.
Todey we supply more than 100 furniture items. The endurance, beauty and easy application of which are of their unique specifications.

Excerpt from collaborations

Excerpts from the names of government and semi-governmental organizations and private companies, etc., are contracted to the Institute using wood products.

  • Zanjan Basic Sciences University
  • Tabriz University
  • International Imam Khomeini International University (Qazvin)
  • Directorate of Islamic Culture and Guidance of Kerman province
  • Directorate of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Qazvin province
  • Directorate of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Zanjan Province
  • Islamic Azad University, Zanjan Branch
  • Library of Imam Ali Mosque (AS) Tehran
  • Narmak Mosque Library of Tehran
  • Al-Nabi Mosque Library, Tehran
  • Education Organization of Zanjan Province
  • Governorate of ZanjanImam Khomeini International School of Humanities (Qazvin)
  • Faculty of Dentistry Qazvin Province
  • The school of Imam Ali, the other … Qazvin province
  • Department of Library Affairs of Kerman Province
  • Office of Library Affairs of Zanjan Province
  • Office of Library Affairs of Qazvin Province
  • Chamran martyr of Ahwaz University
  • University of Natural Resources, Ahvaz, Behbahan
  • Islamic Azad University of Bonab Tabriz
  • Education Organization of Qazvin province
  • Zanjan Regional Power Company
  • Payame Noor University of Takestan
  • Islamic Azad University, Mahneshan Branch
  • Islamic Azad University, Khodabandeh Unit
  • Road and Transportation Department of Zanjan Province
  • Secretariat of mosques of Qazvin province
  • Secretariat of mosques of zanjan province
  • Equipping the Public Library of Mahdavi Azadegan Zanjan Province
  • Equipping public library of Aleppo Halab
  • Equipping the Library of the Kayi Culture
  • Equipping the Library of the Knowledge of Zanjan
  • Technical and vocational department of Zanjan province
  • Zanjan Province Power Distribution Company
  • Zanjan Province Police Force
  • Cultural heritage of Zanjan province
  • Zanjan province army
  • 3rd Ansar al-Mahdi (aj) Zanjan province
  • Ayatollah Mousavi Hospital, Zanjan Province
  • Hospital of Vali-e-Asr (as) of Zanjan province
  • Amir Al-Momenin Hospital (AS) Khodabandeh Hospital
  • University of Sufi Razi Zanjan Province
  • Imam Khomeini Cultural Center in Qazvin province
  • Imam Khomeini Cultural Center in Zanjan province
  • Directorate of Islamic Culture and Guidance of Mazandaran Province
  • Khodabandeh Health Center
  • National Bank of Zanjan Province
  • Agricultural Bank of Zanjan Province
  • Tesco company Zanjan Province
  • Iran Transfo Co., Zanjan Province
  • Zanjan Province Commercial Organization
  • Zanjan Province Medical University
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